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Advantages And benefits Of Essential amber oil - face-care "Spirit of Amber"

Advantages And benefits Of Essential amber oil - face-care "Spirit of Amber"

you can Learn more about essential amber oil and its benefits for the skin

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how do essential amber oil comes? "Spirit of Amber"

There are actually a lot of confusion when it comes to the importance of Amber Essential Oil and that's why, where it came from. Essential Bern steinöle are as unique Oils because they are extracted from amber, one of the hardest resin in the history of the ancient world.

Essential Bern steinöle are natural aromatic Compounds that are obtained from seeds, stem bark, flowers, and other parts of plants. Amber essential Oil comes from the distillation of an old pine tree called Pinus Succiniferra. The resin is heated to about 200 ° C until it becomes liquid.

Amber Face Skin Care The essential amber oil combines well with other Oils such as sandalwood, cedar wood and incense blend to the famous amber mixtures. These essential oil Blends are used mainly for Soap production and lamps for aromatherapy and can also be used to add household cleaning agents such as detergents, antiseptics, etc. fragrances.

What is an essential Oil from white amber?

White ethereal amber oil is a fruity-floral scent that is combined with Indian sandalwood oil. It is mainly used for the production of perfumes because it has a strong and powerful Aroma. White amber has always been one of the most valued Oils due to its healing effect. The essential Oil from white amber has an amazing shimmering effect on the skin .


advantages of the use of essential amber oil for the skin

Improves skin elasticity
It improves the skin elasticity and the growth of new skin cells: The continuous application of the essential Bern shale oil on the skin improves the skin's elasticity and the growth of new skin cells, thus preventing slow the formation of wrinkles and improves skin firmness. If you use this product continuously, you look younger every day, by slowing down the aging. This is achieved by placing a few drops in your bathwater or a few drops into the moisturizer and the lotions of your skin mixing.
Bernsteinöl Anti Aging Gesichtscreme
Rejuvenates the skin
It serves as a means by which the skin repairs and rejuvenates for a healthier and radiant skin.

Reduces skin inflammation and other skin disorders
With essential amber oil, it is very difficult, inflammation of the skin to transfer to your skin. What does this essential Oil to your skin, is that it cleans your pores, and bacteria pretty much makes it impossible to remain in it.

acne to treat
to prevent The essential Oil from the amber is rich in astringent and anti-microbial properties that help the skin and acne problems. The Oil helps to unclog the pores of the skin, reducing bacteria, which formed due to the excessive Clogging of the skin.

the use of Amber essential Oil in skin care

With the amazing benefits of essential amber oil, it plays an important role in skin care. Now, if you are going to have an amazing skin and this for a long time to do, this should help

For dry skin
For those who suffer from dry skin can. The amber colored essential Oil can be used as a moisturizer for the skin. If you add your moisturizing lotions and creams a few ounces of essential amber oil, is improved, the excessive drying of the skin gradually. If you use this essential Oil during the day and at night, continuously, is supplied for your skin soft and moisture.

For oily skin
Some of us may suffer from very oily skin. As we all know, oily skin is quite prone to acne. A couple of recipes with essential amber oil, however, can help to heal this imbalance.

Use a bowl with clean water
Add vodka for about 20 to 30 drops of essential amber oil added to
I teaspoon. The vodka is added, in Essence, to mix the Oil in the water.

you can Use this therapy daily, preferably at night before bedtime, as this significantly would help to reduce the skin oil, particularly in the face, .

For Anti-Aging
The properties of frankincense and Labdanum act as Anti-Aging properties. If you want to look 70 years younger, I recommend you one of their many cosmetic products, essential amber oil add. The use of Soaps, creams and other cosmetic products with amber oil as the main ingredient should be good enough to give you a much younger look. You are looking for cosmetic products that contain amber oil, or maybe you can get essential amber oil, mix it with your cream and see the amazing effects of the essential Oil.

In case of skin inflammation
The use of essential amber oil for the prevention of inflammation on the skin is very important. The ingredients and chemical Compounds of the essential Bern crude oil demonstrably contribute to reduce inflamed skin. The use of this essential Oil promotes the appearance of the skin and heals any sin inflammation. If I were you, I'd probably be looking where I can get essential amber oil. To note

side effects
Yes, essential Oil of amber has some amazing benefits for the body and the skin in General, but I think it would be necessary, some of the side effects of essential Oil from amber, such as skin inflammation, stomach upset, and interactions with other medicines, to know. These side effects can however, open talks with your doctor about any health problems before using the essential Oil avoided.


The world is going through a lot of technological revolutions, and there are many researches for the improvement of health. The amber colored essential Oil is one of the successful results of this research. The use of essential Oils from amber is a thing that has due to the continuous use of a great Benefit for our health in General.


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