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Shipping worldwide only 8.90 euros from 70 euros free

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Cosmetic fruit acid peel Acid peel : perfect cleaning for your skin

Cosmetic fruit acid peel Acid peel : perfect cleaning for your skin

skin rejuvenation and cleansing with fruit acid

With the fruit acid exfoliation is the skin an intensive cleaning. Dead skin layers are peeled off and make room for fresh skin by cleaning each face of the cell. This not only reduces wrinkles but also pigment spots eliminated. The fruit acid peeling is easily dosed and effective Präperaten that improve with regular use, the skin visibly. The facial peel repairs the skin's structure almost completely. Small wrinkles are reduced by the contained acids are glycolic and hyaluronic acid, while lactic acid ensures that the formation of age spots is inhibited and the skin tone developed a well-balanced color. With regular use, the fruit can help acid peel for acne also. The ingredients are deep cleansing, can irritate the skin, however, are well-tolerated. Occurring in redness after application are possible, but disappear the next day.

application of fruit acid peels

The practical pump dispenser offers an easy and hygienic application. Shake the vial before use and give you skin a few drops to the dry face. Avoiding the eye area. After five minutes, the fruit can be rinsed in acid peeling. Make sure the product is not more often than two Times a week to apply and you don't use it one to two days before exposure to the sun. Complete the treatment with a moisturizer or a facial oil. Also, the application of the face scrub for men is recommended.

the Positive effect of glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid to the skin

In skin care, the glycol can be established acid by the supporting effect of the skin in terms of cell renewal. Dead skin cells the glycolic acid repelled. At the same time, the formation of new cells is stimulated. This leads, among Other things, for the reduction of small wrinkles, improved skin elasticity and reduction of pigment spots. Hyaluronic acid is not only ingredient of cosmetic products for skin rejuvenation, but also a substance produced by the body is for the storage of large quantities of water in the body. You can therefore be added easily to the skin. Due to the additional hydration thanks to the hyaluronic acid, it saves the skin more moisture and will be streamlined this way.


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